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Spring is turning up the heat

Since March first we have seen a surprising jump in the local real estate market. Our agents are reporting that the buyers are out in force and new contracts are abundant. It is normal to see an increase in activity in March but this level is an anomoly. We are moving into a sellers market for the first time in 13 years. While most markets in the US have been in a sellers market for the last five years, we have been left behind. Now its obvious we are joining in. This means for sellers its time to get off the fence. Put your property on the market and get it sold. I know a lot of retirees who want to downsize and now is the time to do it. 

Markets move in both directions. There is only one way to know what is happening in your local market in real time. You need to talk to a local professional REALTOR. Thay can not only tell you what the market is doing but they can help you take advantage of the current conditions. Call anyone of our talented agents today and setup a free consultation. Make your reality plans a reality.




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