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February 18, 2016

    All real estate companies are the same -really?

 The thought that all real estate companies are the same is far from reality. The same could be said for all real estate agents. The Partner Network has always prided itself on the way their agents are trained, rewarded and motivated.

The Partner Network is not part of some big corporate entity or national franchise, but locally owned and created by and for the people of Eastern Connecticut. Its true that all real estate companies share the same database of listings, the same web marketing, the same REALTOR associations and the same laws and standards of practice. The difference is in the company's guidance and management of their agents. 

The Partner Network instills in each of its agents a sense of pride in serving the people and properties in Windham and New London counties. We train our agents to serve their clients and use their abilities to get the best possible outcome for every buyer and seller client. Education, negotiating skills and effort make our agents better. 

If you believe every real estate company is the same, think again. When it comes time to hire a professional to guide you through a real estate transaction, hire the best. Call The Partner Network.